Saturday, April 25, 2009

Coffee and Chocolate Cake Moments

Tough choices.

Coffee and Chocolate Cake, just perfect on a sunny but chilly San Francisco Saturday afternoon.

Samantha just had to get the salad.

Ah yeah, a nice cozy Saturday afternoon in San Francisco. The unseasonably warm weather that we have been having is out and the fog and cold wind is back but at least it was sunny. These guys worked out and wanted to get together at 6PM for a little dinner. I on the other hand did not workout and was in all day working so I was more than happy to come out and play for a bit. I already knew what I was having before I left the apartment. Oh I have some work due early Monday and I'm out all day tomorrow.

These are some of my good friends. We workout and play together, do dinners, movies, etc. Dana is running her first 50k trail run race tomorrow and Cheyenne and I are coming down to support her. I'm also volunteering, well since I was going to be down there I wanted to be useful. It's in Santa Cruz and it promises to be a good day. By the time dinner was done we also got Samantha on board. It wasn't hard to convince her.

This place that we are at is called "The Grove", one of two coffee shops in San Francisco. Well it's really more than a coffee shop now, they have a full menu, great desserts and a bar. It's not cheap but it's good. It has a cozy atmosphere and lots of pretty girls stop by:) What's not to like.

I just finished a big race last weekend where it was 95 degrees, quite hilly, where the trails were quite tricky with all the loose soil and rocks and I wormed my way to the top 10. So I've been spending the week in recovery and rewarding myself with treats. Not too often and not too much but since it was Saturday I had to do the chocolate cake. Beer, Wine, Meat and Sugar, pleasing me is as simple as an abundance of all four. Partly why I run really.

Life is good.

Dana, Samatha and Cheyenne.

Myself, Brian, Dana's guy who eventually joined us, Dana and Samantha. Photo courtesy of Cheyenne.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone. A little humor courtesy of They've got some funny and amusing shirts. I gave up chocolate for Lent and with my cravings on a rampage because of all the run training it was somewhat hard. I didn't want to give up something super tough, just enough of an inconvenience that would keep reminding me about Lent and Easter.

Later this afternoon I'm going to join my former church for their Easter baptisms on Ocean Beach.'s cold, I've done it. It will be good to visit with old friends on such a sacred day. Sacred for us anyway. I can't promise a pound of chocolate won't disappear between now and midnight. Okay maybe a pound is a bit much, a half pound.

Hope you all are having a great weekend.