Thursday, September 30, 2010


Two weekends ago I was in Williams, Medford and Ashland, Oregon for a big race. I celebrated another finish by not running at all this past week. In fact this past Saturday I had intended to just lay about the apartment, maybe work on some personal projects, maybe not. However the day was too good to spend indoors. We had blue skies and warm temperatures. Our Indian summer was in full swing, seemed like a shame not to take advantage of it. So after a hearty lunch I took my sketchbook, my camera and went walking around the city. I visited a few places, stopped off for a second lunch and ultimately ended up at the SFMOMA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art). I like the gift shop, always fun and entertaining. I like the books, the cool funky gadgets, the posters and the t-shirts. The shirts are great but wow I ain't spending $36 dollars on a t-shirt. As always I like to venture into the interior just to look at the space. As luck would have it I ran into my neighbor who works in the museum. She informed me that if I wanted tickets in the future to just drop her a note in her mailbox. She also told me that the last half hour is always free - something I didn't know. Not much time so I just concentrated on admiring the rooms and interior of the museum. Oh I looked at a few pieces too but it was really the interior that grabbed me this time. Okay, the interior and Alexander Calder's work. While admiring the space I came upon this one thought; what if for just one day we can just admire the space for what it is. I would like to revel in the empty white rooms and hard wood floors. I like art, I'm just trying to imagine the space without it. I do have to admit however that the new rooftop sculpture garden would be quite boring without the sculptures. Anyway it was a great end to my walkabout in the city.

Main staircase inside the museum.

Main staircase inside the museum.

Beyond the glass, the new rooftop sculpture garden, great on a sunny day.

The very top of the museum.