Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wedding Time

J.P. and Janet.

The last two years I haven't seen much of J.P. or Janet for that matter. We all met through the triathlon club, served on the club board together. It was Janet who got me into Facebook - "c'mon Rick we are all in here, join in on the fun". It was J.P. who talked me into taking over his spot as the run director as he took on the responsibility of being club president. There were parties, runs, bike rides and lots of meetings. Then Janet left for Kellogg's in Chicago for graduate school and J.P. moved out of San Francisco, back to a smaller place in Marin to save money on rent. For the next two years they traveled back and forth between the two cities every three weeks or so, J.P. more so than Janet. In the end their love persevered. Both are back in San Francisco and I was honored to be at their wedding. Just a feel good story all around.

Enjoy the pictures.

J.P. and Janet.

Groomsmen and their pal Angela.

The Venue.

Two friends I would like to see at their own wedding one day.

Yours truly on the far right. I clean up okay.

The tables were named after trails and bike paths.

The last wedding celebration I attended was theirs. Such goofballs, made for each other.