Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Red Red Wine

I'm on super saver mode. What with the lack of work and the current economy. I've been eating out less and cooking at home more. Don't get excited, my cooking is not that great. So how lucky was I that my two wine buddies treated me to some wine this past weekend. On Friday Jessica and I met at our favorite wine bar, originally called The Wine Bar. It might be our last for awhile. She already had this well thought out plan to move our Friday Night Wine shindigs into our homes and invite more people. Her master plan; inexpensive wine + simple home made food + home setting + at least 2 more people = fun and cheap. We refined the plan and it's a go. Sorry Wine Bar, we are simply taking a break to save the relationship.

Then on Saturday my other wine enthusiast friend, the person who introduced me to red wine, and now movie buddy, Tanya, treated me to a few glasses after a long and moody film - Watchmen. Boy was that film dark, no wonder my friend Eric was depressed afterwards. It took two glasses before we finally moved on to funnier, happier topics and then we were just simply happy:)

I was blessed to have good wine with two of my great friends - perfect. Hopefully in a couple of years the only thing red is my wine and not the economy.

Phone Shot: Jessica at the Wine Bar
Jess loving our bottle.

Phone Shot: Tanya at Plouf
With Tanya.

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bambibo said...

Hola Mang Ecking. Abaw drinking wine at home is a great idea to have a good time with friends and save some money. I do it all the time here in Mansilingan...of course at the farm where the place is really conduceive specially with good food prepared by our mayordoma Cita or our other minions.