Sunday, July 12, 2009

Food and Family

My mom has just reminded me that I have yet to post the pictures from her birthday. She was right! June has been such a busy month for the whole running thing. First was my race early in the month then it was pacing at Carrie's race at the end of the month. Then what followed was all the reports, pictures, yada, yada, yada. After her 100-mile race, Carrie went up to Wisconsin to join her boyfriend who was visiting friends and family. She also stopped by Chicago to visit her sister, her family and her friends. She had quite the recovery tour I must say. My recovery from my race was hanging with mom and relatives. As you can imagine after these big races we just want to sit down for awhile, hangout and eat. In my case, eat, eat, eat and eat some more. Is there anything better than sharing a good meal with family and friends? It just so happened in was a her birthday so there was an even bigger reason to celebrate.

Food I wish was on my table right now.

Birthday lunch with mom and the relatives.

Mom cutting her birthday cake.

Hanging out with mom.

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bambibo said...

All that eating will make up for all the calories you lose running and climbing mountains. Which of course your lola still can fathom. Why run thru hills and dales and mountains, asks she who has never run a mile in her life.Abaw ti Mang Ecking ang mga T-shirts hmmm??? Padala di sa akon sa Mansilingan.