Sunday, January 17, 2010

Back to Normal

I think I am finally over the holidays. Yup just now.

I had a fun filled and exhausting running season and so after my last race in the first week of December I pretty much just plunked down on the couch and ate a few bags of chocolate. Rest and reward, but then I also spent a week with my mom and relatives in Southern California during the holidays and the rest and reward thing was taken to a higher level.

Well for the first few days the rest was lacking but great on the reward part. There was 21 of us in a six bedroom house and activities were going on till the wee hours of the night and the kids were waking us up early in the morning. Not as much sleep but the eating was out of control. There was dishes upon dishes of food and saying no was not really an option. You say no to one thing and they came back with something else and once you give in that was it. Once the floodgates are open as they say. It was a really great time though. The last 3 days was spent with my mom at her place, more quiet and I had some time to visit some friends in LA. A roundtrip to LA took 3 hours because of the traffic, so much traffic in LA. It wasn't so bad. Good to see these guys, hang with them in a couple of their hangouts.

When I got home I did feel like I needed a vacation from that vacation and indeed it took me a couple weeks to get back into rhythm. It was tough getting back into running after a four week break but getting back into has really helped me in establishing my usual routines. I'm still wishing I could eat like it was still the holidays though and I miss all the authentic Filipino dishes - homemade or bought. Wouldn't it be grand if all the tastiest things were also good for us?

It's been cold but now that the rains are back not as much. Nice and quiet now too without all the holiday craziness. Good to be back. My old camera is somewhere in Southern California, it has a broken screen but the memory card had 1GB of holiday pictures and videos. Oh well, I do have a new camera though so I'm not too bummed.

Mom and IMy mom and I Christmas Eve.

With two of the KiddiesWith two of the kiddies, the two who would wake me up in the morning!

With the Tita'sWith two of my Tita's (aunts).

Kicking BackKickin back.

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