Friday, July 16, 2010

Thank God it's July!

June was a tough month. I know I hardly post on here but I actually missed a whole month! It was tough because there was a lot going on, more than the usual.

I had a big race in the middle of the month as well as some time scheduled with my mom and relatives in southern California. I was looking forward to all of that but my stepdad, the man who raised me, was also in the hospital and his progress was like the terrain in my trail race - a series of ups and downs. His condition as you can imagine was a source of concern and stress for the whole family. At the end of May I actually flew out to Orlando to be with him for a week. I dedicated my run in San Diego to him, I've never run for someone, and the week after he passed away. It was tough news for the family but I was also thankful that it was not a sudden death. We had time to say our goodbyes and ponder the possibility of a life without him. I am especially thankful to have seen him one last time.

Ah Dad... what else is there to say that hasn't been said already. I am the man I am largely because of you. You are truly missed.

James S. Frederick Sr., my dad.

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