Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

The lola's (grandma's) Christmas Eve.

Tita's (aunt's), Tito (uncle) and one Lolo (grandpa).

Bored cousins young enough to be my own children.

The ironic thing about this blog - set up to show my family and friends the other things that interest me besides my love for my work and my passion for running, is that the pursuit of those things, the time and energy that it takes, leaves me unable to blog about them. There is a saying I have heard in exercise that seems applicable here, "if you can talk you are not going hard enough". Ah well so it goes. I'm not ready to throw in the towel yet however, primarily because my other reason for blogging, the same reason why I kept journals when I was younger, was to keep a record of experiences that I can revisit later in life. It is something to read down the line if I am blessed with a long life or posts to share with friends. My first post is still my favorite. I've shared it many times and will most likely continue to do so.

For now Merry Christmas and since this might be one of those posts I may get to read again later, a note to myself;

Rick you are reminded this Christmas season of 2010 that no matter how old you get or how far you've come, you will always have a place with family. Celebrate them while you are able, while they are still around. It also doesn't matter where you are. You like to talk smack about Corona, CA but deep down you enjoy the company. Oh and P.S., stop hating on Christmas. You hate all the shopping and commercialism but other people enjoy it. Wipe the inner sneer off and get off your horse. Hahaha stop being such a curmudgeon. You will turn into Kirby at 39.

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